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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the REQUIRED PAPERWORK to complete 2021 - 2022 registration?

Required Paperwork:
Please print, complete, and turn into your program manager to finish your enrollment.

How do I enroll a new child in the program?

Step 1: Choose  Profile  from tabs on top of site and select  Add Member
Step 2: Answer questions regarding new child
Step 3: Select Enroll Now or go to Enrollment screen
  • Choose child you want to enroll in new service
  • Choose location where service is located
  • Choose service for which you want to enroll
  • Choose rate for which you qualify and provide requested verification information
  • Hit Continue to Payment Options (If the service requires a payment, this option will show up.)
Step 4: on Billing Information screen
  • Enter Credit/Debit Card information
  • Click Pay and Complete Enrollment
  • Read and click Agree to the Payment and Enrollment Policy
You have enrolled your child
**Please remember that your registration is not completed until all of the REQUIRED PAPERWORK has been turned in.

Which Club/Unit should I choose for my child?

The Club/Unit you want to select is where your child will be attending the primary service in which they are participating. This is typically the school your child attends.

How do I change/update information about my child?

Step 1: Choose  Profiles and then Members from top of website, and select the child you want to update
Step 2: Choose the tab with the information you want to update.
Step 3: Choose Edit This Information at below the informatio
Step 4: Edit the information you want and click Update this Information

Where can I find copies of Member Contracts, Guidelines, Waivers of Confidentiality, and Scholarship Information?

Member Contract:
Bus Safety & Behavior Code for Club Members:
Network/Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines:
Data sharing between Lawrence Public Schools and BGC:
Waiver of Confidentiality (DF, SF, LH, QR Only)
Scholarship Application:

How to reset my password?

If you have to reset your password, here are the steps necessary to do so.
1.) On the home page click on "fogot your password?"
2.) Enter you email address that you will use for the parent portal login.
3.) Once you have received the temporary password email.  Highlight the new password and copy it.
(We have found that it is easier to highlight and paste the password due to the complex passwords generated.)
4.) Paste the temporary password into the password box along with your user name.
5.) This will direct you to the next screen where you will be able to create a new password.
6.) You will once again have to paste the temporary password into the current password box, but then you will be able to create
a new password.
7.) If you still experience issues, please contact

How to find out more about Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence.

Click on the following link to go to Boys & Girls Club home page

Where can I find a copy of the BGCLK Safety Handbook?

BGCLK Safety Handbook  
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